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Benton Flippen

Benton Flippen Benton Flippen  (July 18, 1920 – June 28, 2011) Photo credit: Hobart Jones     James Benton Flippen was born on July 18, 1920, in northern Surry County. In addition to his family, Benton’s primary musical influence was Esker Hutchens. Benton plays the banjo in a two-finger picking style, and plays the fiddle in a more modern long-bow style. Benton is noted for having a very limber... read more

Ralph Epperson

Ralph Epperson Ralph Epperson & WPAQ (April 5, 1921 – May 31, 2006)     Ralph Deward Epperson was born on April 5, 1921, in “The Hollows,” a community more commonly known as Ararat, Virginia. Although Ralph did not play a musical instrument, he played a tremendous role in preserving Surry County’s old-time, bluegrass and gospel music. Growing up he recorded his family and neighbors on lacquer... read more

Verlen Clifton

Verlen Clifton Verlen Clifton Photo credit: Hobart Jones   Verlen Conduff Clifton was born on February 22, 1928, in Surry County. All of Verlen’s neighbors in Round Peak played music and he naturally learned from them. Although most well-known for his mandolin playing, Verlen started out picking the banjo and playing the guitar. Verlen was one of the original members of the Camp Creek Boys and was voted... read more

Clyde Johnson

Clyde Johnson   Clyde Johnson & Merry-Go-Round (January 18, 1931 – July 27, 2007) Photo credit: Hobart Jones   Joseph Clyde Johnson was born on January 18, 1931, and began play­ing the guitar and singing when he was about twelve years old. When he was just learning to play Clyde ordered an Earnest Tubb songbook for twenty-five cents and learned the chords to “She’ll Be Coming ’Round the... read more

Jimmy Vipperman

Jimmy Vipperman Photo credit: Hobart Jones   Born June 12, 1958, James Preston “Jimmy” Vipperman started fiddling when he was eight years old and has been at it ever since. Jimmy first started taking violin lessons at the Fine Arts Center at the old North Main School in Mount Airy, and then he began learning tunes from his father, Johnny Vipperman, who played bass and mandolin. The first song Jimmy... read more

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